I'll Be Back!!!

Once upon a time, there was a little website called cookijar.com. The Lady who was the owner of this little website was experiencing a moment in time where her reality kept interfering with her fantasy life and she forgot to re-register her domain name. Lo and behold, some dastardly demon stole her domain name, just one day after it expired and cookijar.com was no more.

Some time later, the Lady decided to see if cookijar.com was available for the reclaiming; alas, it was not. However, the Lady would not be so easily dissuaded; she promptly decided that she like thecookijar.com much better and sought to secure the name. The Lady was successful in her acquisition of the domain name, but was still plagued by that reality that keeps seeping into her fantasy life—and thecookijar.com remained merely a name upon the ether.

After awhile, the Lady decided to return to school, in pursuit of other dreams and fantasies. And, as it happens, there is the inevitable final project. While contemplating what she could produce for a final project, the Lady had a EUREKA moment—by combining work/play with play/work, she could have both a final project and a little website called thecookijar.com.

Now, the Lady is cooking up some more treats, they should be out of the oven shortly...

Ladies, Gentlemen and Assorted Other Fantasy Creatures ... I'll Be Back!

Extra Special Thanks

The fancy new logo was a team design effort and it's still a work in progress. But, I still would like to thank the following for helping get this thing done. I hope you like it.

Alfredo Escudero for drawing the Cooki Jar
Daniel Novak for helping me lift the lid